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Let It Grow, Inc. Partners With WhyHunger to Nourish a Bronx Community Garden

Posted on June 2, 2020

Let It Grow, Inc. Partners With WhyHunger to Nourish a Bronx Community Garden

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A garden without water can’t flourish, which is why we recently partnered up with WhyHunger to donate a sustainable water irrigation system for the Garden of Happiness in the Bronx. The Let It Grow team planned, executed and delivered a custom irrigation solution based on the garden’s specific location and needs. From conception to completion, we worked together to build the most environmentally and economically sustainable solution for the Garden of Happiness.

WhyHunger is a leading advocate for innovative and community-based solutions to end hunger and enrich communities. Let It Grow teamed up with this incredible organization in the Tremont community to help the Garden of Happiness thrive.

The Garden of Happiness is a community garden in the Bronx, founded by Karen Washington in 1988. There has been a diverse array of fruits and vegetables grown in the garden since its inception. More recently, spicy serrano peppers have been grown in large quantities, which has resulted in the creation of Bronx Hot Sauce. All proceeds from the deliciously spicy hot sauce go back into the community and garden.

During the two-day-long project, we worked on obtaining water to feed into the community garden so that it could bloom. Let It Grow’s team of irrigation designers and installation specialists, with the help of donations from Central Turf and Irrigation, completed the project successfully.

Our solution involved connecting a garden hose to a fire hydrant by installing a fire hydrant adapter. The irrigation line was upgraded from ¾” to 1 ¼,” making it possible for more efficient water flow. Beyond this, Let It Grow installed additional irrigation lines and an irrigation drip line within the garden’s greenhouse to ensure adequate hydration for all plants. Thanks to these creative irrigation solutions, the Garden of Happiness can now water their entire lot of crops in just fifteen minutes, as opposed to the three hours it used to take them. The irrigation system we donated ensures that the Garden of Happiness is prepared for their most bountiful harvest yet.

“What we have we should take pride in. And that’s what we’re trying to instill throughout the neighborhood,” Washington points out.

The Let it Grow team is honored to work with such a community-minded and sustainable organization like WhyHunger. To learn more about WhyHunger or the Garden of Happiness, please visit them online.