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Let It Grow’s mission trip in Cuapa, Nicaragua

Posted on May 21, 2018

Let It Grow’s mission trip in Cuapa, Nicaragua

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This past summer, Let It Grow had an opportunity to give back to the global community by going on a mission trip to a small town in Cuapa, Nicaragua. The 7 day trip was primarily a medical mission trip to assist the town with basic medical, dental, and health needs. Shortly after administering medical assistance, we realized we could also help in other ways and put our construction skills to good use for the people of this small town.

As we walked into the church the first night, we saw a steep hill made up of dirt and rocks leading into the church building. This made it very unsafe for a lot of the people to get up to the church. The next day we saw some large stone blocks at one man’s house who was a member of this church. Once we saw these stones, the idea of building a set of stairs sparked — what if we could build a set of stairs to aid these people? We got to work knocking out the dirt and putting up a brand new set of stairs.

When it was completed, the people of the town were very grateful for these new steps. Let It Grow was equally grateful to give back to a worldwide community that is in need.