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Park Haven Apartments

Hardscape, Irrigation, Landscape, Luxury Residential & Rooftop Gardens, Master Carpentry
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Project details

The newly constructed 10-story mixed-use Park Haven Apartment building's design aims to achieve the larger goals of housing stability, health and wellness, sustainability, and economic opportunity.

Project type

Hardscape, Irrigation, Landscape, Luxury Residential & Rooftop Gardens, Master Carpentry


Bronx, NY


TCB Mott Haven Housing Development Fund Corporation & TCB Park Haven Limited Partnership

Contract value



November 2020


October 2021

General contractor

Monadnock Construction, Inc.

This project was intended to create private landscaped and furnished spaces on the 12th and 2nd floor terraces as well as the ground floor courtyard for the residents of the apartment complex. The adjacent park would also receive some updates to their basketball courts and drinking fountain, and the BPP surrounding the facade of the building would be redone to finish off the newly constructed residential building.

Let It Grow, Inc. performed all Builders Pavement Plan work as well including demolition/excavation of existing sidewalks and new steel faced concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, concrete ramps, asphalt paving, tree pits reconstruction, and fire hydrant bollards.

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Concrete Pedestal Pavers
Movable Site Furnishings
Custom Wood Planter
Wood Paver Tile on Pedestals
Lightweight Planting Media, Plants & Irrigation

Park Haven Apartments
345 St. Ann's Avenue
Bronx, 345 St. Ann's Avenue, Bronx, NY 10454
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