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Project Name

Plaza at Chelsea

Luxury Residential & Rooftop Gardens
Next 1240 Metcalf Avenue

Project details

The Capitol at Chelsea took an old fading away courtyard and revitalized it to a new and improved gathering area for the residents and community. This courtyard provided much needed outdoor dinning spaces for the two courtyard facing restaurants along with plenty of gathering areas to sit and take in the beautiful metal work done here.

Project type

Luxury Residential & Rooftop Gardens


776-792 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10001


Chelsea New York Realty Company

Contract value



September 2021


May 2021

General contractor

Let It Grow, Inc.

-full demo of existing courtyard topping slab
-all new plumbing and electrical work
-precast concrete pavers

-custom decorative metal slat walls used to hide the existing building brick work and neighboring buildings
-custom metal featurewall with internal lighting to provide light shows that can help provide a seasonal feature to the space
-metal edging and precast benches with wood topping