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Brooklyn Hotel 1

 The Modern

The Modern is an extraordinary luxury residential development
highlighted by two 47-story, iconic towers rising up in the center of Fort Lee, N.J.

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We, at Let It Grow, Inc. pride ourselves on being 100% OSHA compliant. Building jobs safely and responsibly goes hand in hand with the overall success of a job. A safe work environment not only eliminates accidents, it also raises the level of quality, improves productivity and increases the value for the customer. Our employees are conscious and compliant of all rules and regulations and are mindful of the well being of all co-workers working within our jobsite.

Safety takes priority during all of Let It Grow, Inc.’s site meetings and is monitored strictly and relentlessly. This, along with regular site-specific safety hazard analyses and mandatory personal protection equipment such as hard hats and high visibility vests, are requirements included in our daily operations.



Much like the projects we construct every day, Let It Grow Incorporated was built from the ground up on the underlying philosophy that quality is the cornerstone of success.

As the cornerstone determines the final position of its structure, our early emphasis on quality sets the standard by which we measure success to this day.

Valuing our clients as the foundation of our company, Let It Grow strives to no end to provide site and landscape construction services of only the highest industry standards as characterized by a consistently superior end product delivered with an unparalleled level of customer service and responsiveness.  As a building cannot exist in the absence of a sound foundation, so too would be the fate of Let It Grow in the absence of a strong base of satisfied clients.

At Let It Grow each and every member of our dedicated staff of professionals comprise a critical keystone in our organizational structure as we firmly believe that quality projects are the direct result of quality thinking, accountability,  and individual commitment to a team effort.  Without the unwavering support of this central supporting element, the strength of any structure would be compromised.

The individual values that we employ on a day to day basis are the building blocks by which the walls of our company are forged.  Passion, pride, enthusiasm, honesty, environmental awareness, charity and community outreach are the underlying principles that guide our day to day decisions and allow our pursuits to be mutually beneficial for all who are touched by our work.

Although the structure of Let It Grow shares many similarities with its literal counterpart, there is one clear distinction:  While the construction of most structures terminates at a predetermined height as defined by a roof, Let It Grow is an open structure…continually growing with no predetermined stopping point. By employing new industry technologies, emphasizing the importance of continued training, and expanding our already uniquely broad range of services, the sky is truly the limit for Let It Grow!!

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