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For more than 30 years, the Let It Grow team has delivered professional landscape and construction services to high profile clients around the tristate area. Beautiful landscapes have the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a property, making residents and visitors feel welcome and at ease.

A truly impactful landscape requires more than simply incorporating some greenery around a space. A standout landscape requires a solid, architecturally-sound design and planning stage, followed by artful execution and seamless installation by a team of experts.

What separates us from the competition is our team of landscaping industry experts, our extensive background in materials and constructability, our uniquely streamlined and practical approach to projects. Additionally, clients work with one, consistent project manager who not only understands the intricacies of an outstanding Design/Build, but also oversees the project from beginning to end as the main point of contact.

Our expertise in both design and construction allows us to deliver captivating landscape designs that are beautiful, sustainable, and unique. We are proud to deliver industry-leading landscapes year after year.

Let It Grow’s team of experts will guide you through the entire process with ​care and ease.

Our Design/Build Advantage

Our Design/Build Projects are integrated and efficient. Clients are often blown away by our team’s knowledge, organization, and ability to stay on schedule. But what’s so great about Design/Build?

In traditional design/build projects, clients manage multiple contracts with multiple administrators and project managers, often operating within their own subsequent timelines. This typically leads to confusion and disorganization, which slows the project down and results in mistakes and complications. When separate firms work on one project, it’s a hotbed for chaos and ultimately increases overall cost.

On the other hand, Let It Grow’s integrated Design/Build team eliminates the need for multiple contracts and points of contact. Since our team is responsible for the project in its entirety, our builders and designers act as a unified team, keeping the project on schedule and on task, and accounting for all the unforeseen pitfalls that separate firms miss. From project beginning to end, our clients work with a dedicated project manager who knows precisely what is going on on-site, and communicates progress regularly. Our method is essential to ensuring the successful build of our clients’ projects.

graphical representation of design/build method

All in all, Design/Build saves you time, money, and headaches — especially when you work with Let It Grow.

Here’s our approach to delivering a beautiful ​landscape ​Design/Build project.

Let It Grow’s Design/Build Approach


Comprehensive planning is essential to the success and quality of the landscape Design/Build project. Central to our time-tested approach is a detailed planning phase, which ensures that exceptional quality is upheld within every part of the design. Our design team of specialized managers goes above and beyond to understand a client’s vision for the project, which sets the foundation for a great working relationship and a stellar project outcome. Before the commencement of the project, our team will have a comprehensive understanding of your needs, vision, and requirements for the project.


Once our team understands your goals and aesthetic preferences, the design process begins. Throughout the design process, we work collaboratively with clients to ask and answer questions, provide updates, and ensure that needs are met in this phase of the project. Our designers are highly experienced and skillful, and genuinely enthusiastic about bringing your property’s landscape to life.


Once the landscape design has been prepared and approved, our team will proceed with the build and installation. Our construction team takes a thoughtful and methodical approach to the build process while working efficiently to keep the project running on schedule. Our engineers, landscape architects, and horticulturists use their collective expertise to install the highest grade materials using the correct techniques. Our team provides a seamless installation so our clients can relax without sweating the details.

Design/Build Services


  • On-site Consultation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Project Budgeting
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Graphics + Renderings
  • Site Analysis


  • Preliminary Budgeting
  • Value Engineering
  • Final Budgeting


  • Site Layout + Materials
  • Planting
  • Site Lighting
  • Site Architecture
  • Irrigation
  • Water Features


  • Master Carpentry
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Jobsite Safety + Quality Control

Why Let It Grow?

With nearly two decades of experience and dozens of satisfied clients, we can guarantee that you’ll be thrilled and impressed with the results. From rooftop terraces to campuses, our team has experience developing landscape designs for a multitude of clients within a variety of market sectors.

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